Heidi Montag – Look How I'm Doing [VIDEO, LYRICS]

Written By bryanboy

Heidi Montag – Look How I’m Doing [VIDEO]

My dear reader, I think I’ve entered the other (darker) side. I know I’m shooting myself in the foot with this blog entry but say hello to my latest obsession and guilty pleasure: the trashy, talentless vapid hack Heidi Montag’s new song, “Look How I’m Doing“.

I just bought her latest single on iTunes and I LOVE it! Yes, I know she can’t sing; she talks with voice enhancers. But this track is so catchy and I’ve had it on autoplay for the past two hours now. Listen to it twice or thrice and tell me what you think.

Sing after me: Your excuses just got better, you couldn’t give me time. Always got some distraction more important on your mind. Strikes me kind of funny the way the tables turned. ‘Cause now it’s you who’s sweatin’ and it’s me who’s not concerned.Look at me baby how I’m doing, just drop like ahh when I’m moving. Hah, hah, hah, hah, hah. Hah, hah, hah, hah, hah.

The $64 million question is — how am I EVER gonna redeem myself from this temporary lapse in judgment? Answers on a postcard….


  1. I love you Bryanboy but wwhat is going on with you these days? I’m SHOCKED to see Heidi Montag on your blog.

  2. we all have our guilty pleasures, may as well own up to them.. heidi is undeniably terrible, but definitely very catchy.

  3. I just have to agree with you BB, she just can’t sing, and the song is catchy.

  4. thickies

    the girl’s a relentless famewhore (who isn’t?),but her songs are as you said-guilty pleasures.try ‘overdosin’,catchiest chorus ev

  5. sniffing an old man’s crotch is more entertaining than listening to heidi montag

  6. I’m very disappointed with you B for putting that TRASH on your blog. Please don’t alienate your readers with entries like this. That’s why there’s Perez Hilton.

  7. I-hate-heidimontag

    True, we all hate this bitch called Heidi Montag. But then again this SONG is catchy. her voice marred the entire song, 2/5 i supposed…..err no i change my mind…1/5 :)

  8. Haha I actually like her sometimes, personally im more of a fan of her other song “more is more”

  9. Heidi cannot sing. But her songwriter can write songs. Just unfortunate casting of singer. Also Spencer pratt ‘directed’ that joke of a video. What fucking direction? I can direct better shit on my digital camera in myown home. Deluded idiots. Both of them. Plastic and pratt.

  10. Love_cholorama

    Hahaa The same just happend to me. :D I love that song and I just downloaded overdosin by heidi too that song is soo catchy tooo…..

  11. Doesn’t she make 60K an episode for her “acting” on The Hills. What’s with the abortion that is the song/video?
    I thank god for auto-tune.
    Probably not the best way to start commenting on your blog. I’m usualy alot nicer. But holy hell, this makes my ears bleed. :)

  12. Hah Ive Just Literlay Been Searching On Your Site N For Some reason Im Loving You I Totlay Agree With Most OF The Stuff ON Here Apart From The Modanna Pic Not A Big Fan, But I Agree With Song Being A Mistake, Partly I Dont Think She Can Even Sing Leighton Meester Is So Much Better!

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