Friendly Fires – Skeleton Boy [VIDEO, LYRICS, MP3 DOWNLOAD]

Written By bryanboy

Friendly Fires – Skeleton Boy

Enough Heidi Montag. I just bought this track on iTunes and I’m obsessed! I’m a fan of Friendly Fires and their track Skeleton Boy is such a feel-good song! I’m gonna play it on my iPod the next time I mince down the streets.

I close my eyes on the dance floor…I forget about you. I lose myself in flashing colors, I’ve gotta see it through.

You’re too much, I take it that we’re over. Should we even care at all? Too much, too much. Let’s shake hands and say goodbye. Your love is out… believing despite the loss. Give me your hand… let’s face this night and see it through. Your love is out… believing despite the loss. Give me your hand… let,s face this night and see it through.

Click HERE to download the track.

I know I *sometimes* provide mp3 download links I gathered from the net as a courtesy to internet freeloaders but I leave it to YOUR conscience (if you have one) to support the artist by buying their tracks on iTunes. I know I do so don’t be such a cheapskate. GO!

You’re welcome.


  1. Yes…They are gorgeous…You have to listen “Paris” and “Jumpping in the Pool”.Ohh lala we both love Friendly Fires!

  2. ooh I love Friendly Fires! the “Paris” Au Revoir Simone collaboration was gooood but I’m starting to love this!

  3. Love this song, absolutely a feel good song! But I have to agree with Salva, the Aeroplane remix of Paris is really really good too!

  4. tribalpottery

    B., I’m so glad you’re over your lapse w/Heidi. I concur w/the Aeroplane remix of Friendly Fire’s “Paris”. Their entire self-titled debut is really awesome.
    You should look into Franz Ferdinand as well. I highly recommend their songs “Ulysses” and “No You Girls”. Another good one is The Killer’s feat. Lou Reed “Tranquilize”.
    Here are some links:
    Enjoy champ!

  5. I LOVE that song. Have you laso heard “Paris” and “Jump In The Pool”? Good, but not as good as this one…

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