Fatties Cause Global Warming – The Sun [PIC]

Written By bryanboy

Fatties Cause Global Warming – The Sun

You have got to be kidding me. This came out today in the UK: "fatties cause global warming" according to British tabloid The Sun. My friend Alex took a photo for your viewing pleasure.


  1. I have been observing fat people and friends for a while and that is partially, but not always true. Not just that they are constantly eating ( where a normal person just sits and works, they sit, eat and snack and work and put pressure on producers to suck this earth dry keeping up with consumption ) and the majority are too lazy to consider taking a bus to work or walk for half an hour or less. But I have also seen thin people that are too lazy and drive every where. We all have seen thin people that eat a family`s worth of food and go vomit it out. In general any one that is putting more pressure on this world more than they really should is responsible. They should say lazy dumbos contribute to global warming not just fatties.

  2. haha thats pretty funny. u should check out the video on funny or die about there being a raining gay war coming and how peopl eneed to help build the giant umbrella to save us from the evil gays that are infecting our lives lol
    somepeople are just so nuts u have to laugh at them
    because if u spend to much time getting frustrated with there stupidity, you will end up going insane.

  3. It’s not rude.. in the vast majority of cases, fatties have only themselves to blame!


    I wouldn’t be surprised if the gays were TO BLAME for making this cover. Stay thin!

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