Christopher Lawrence and Miley Cyrus loves Chanel

Written By bryanboy

Christopher Lawrence and Miley Cyrus loves Chanel

Check out this video featuring Ex-TIME employee and now freelance journalist Rebecca Keegan as she interviews Christopher Lawrence. Chrisopher is Miley Cyrus’ (aka Hannah Montana) costume designer.

“What else can I do? Writers get writers’ block. I have nothing left.”

I laughed so hard when I saw him talk about the candy cane red & white stripe fabric.

“There was something about this that appealed to me.”

photo credit: catwalking


  1. this is a perfect example of why LA will never be in the global fashion map.
    NYC >>>>>>>>> LA
    everyone in LA is trash. just look at what the costume designer is wearing… you know that shirt is fresh from the spring 2009 international male catalog

  2. he makes it sound like dressing up a disney channel teen is hard work… 70 hours a week YEAH RIGHT…..
    oh and apparently to dress hannah montana you must have an interest in fashion, but not modern day fashion, 1800s fashion… apparently…

  3. christopher

    hey there, the shirt i am wearing in the video is actually from Paul Smith’s shop in Covent Garden. looks like some one doesnt know couture when she sees it!

  4. christopher

    hey there, my reaponse to that question was based in the fact that i based the designs in the Hannah movie for muliey on fashion from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s 80’s and, apparently, Chanel 2009!

  5. christopher

    hiya haters, the shirt i am wearing in the video is from the Paul Smith shop in Covent Garden, London. oh,oh,looks like someone doesn’t recognize couture when they see it!!

  6. Clara

    haha go christopher .. i think the stuff u designed were amazing :) .. im even trying to recreate some myself :) thanks for the inspiration x

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