1. Hey Bryan. What’s happening with the live came?
    Love, Johnny Boy from Sydney.

  2. Angie B.

    You are too cute! I’ve been reading and loving your blogs since the beginning of the year. Wish I’d known about you before. Keep it up cutie! (ps. My hubby thinks I’m so cool for adoring you! Coolness!)

  3. jpabrina

    Bryan I got to chat with you! A friend was soooo green with envy lol

  4. Love you Bryanboy! And I also completely LOVE LOVE LOVE Friendly Fires! I’m wearing an Ann Demeulemeester necklace and Margiela tee for you!

  5. love the tatoo,love the bracelet, you should get shirtless now sexy toy

  6. hi bryanboy, ROCK ON, LOCK ON!!! :)
    Love reading your kind of stuff!
    ~from Tokyo with love~

  7. me and you online again?:)) one question..are you drunk? :)) heey, i wanna be so skinny as youuuuuuuu

  8. BoozeInMyBlood[Faith]

    BB That jacket you had on! I loved it! Sequins ftw!

  9. loveless

    (In NYC) I wish we could hang out together in person. This is the next best thing. Love you.

  10. Samantha.A

    I totally dig your dress sense. You’re a true fashionista Bryan;) Awesome <3

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