Bryanboy for Purple Magazine is dat chu?

Written By bryanboy

Bryanboy for Purple Magazine is dat chu?

Natasa Vojnovic is dat chu? Tina Turner is dat chu? Just kidding. You HAVE to give kudos to that woman for being so fierce and for having the moves. I had one chance to try it and no matter how many times I’ve watched her video, I simply could NOT pull her shit off. This is simply too painful (or funny??) to watch. Hahaha!

Belated happy birthday Rogelio. I hope you like your birthday present. It’s a lame attempt, I know, but at least I tried!!!

In the future, I want whatever Natasa is having. That’s all.


  1. Spanish:
    woooooooooooooooooooow te amo bryanboyyy jajajajajaja yo sabía que algo tenías que sacar referente a este video!!!! es simplemente fenomenal!!!
    Wooooooooooooooooooow I love you bryanboy, hahahahahaha I knew that you have to came out with something related with this video, Is just phenomenal!

  2. lol, thanks for that video, that was just what i needed after a day of nothing but books – you should do that anja rubik black/white vogue uk shoot too %D

    omg are you kidding me? there’s absolutely NO way I can do the Anja Rubik/showstudio one. those guys are too good and anja is thin and I am a big whale

  4. loved the video so much i had to show the readers on my blog. i was so sad today, but this video totally just made my day better.

  5. hahahaha… you made me laugh baby, thank you. Agree with other readers too, after spending the entire Sat/Sun writing crap and worrying about deadlines, that was just a breath of fresh air :o)

  6. BoozeInMyBlood[Faith]

    That was Phenomenal! Your scream WAS the best part, except for maybe the sounds as you banged the bookcase and floor! Did you get hurt?

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