BRUNO the Movie (Trailer) feat. Sascha Baron Cohen

Written By bryanboy

BRUNO the Movie (Trailer) feat. Sascha Baron Cohen

Now Bruno, my dear readers, is the must-see movie of the year! I can’t wait for this film to hit the theatres.

“What is D&G?”
“Dolce & Gabbana, hello!”


  1. Yup. and we won’t get to see it in Manila, just like we were not allowed to see Milk (not in Baguio, anyway.) We will be “protected” from these films by government officials, between screwing their mistresses.

  2. Sandino

    This is probably because MTRCB thinks that after seeing this film we would go Bruno on everyone. Ha! If the govenment really wants to “protect” us then they should just quit their jobs and just leave Bruno alone.

  3. I am so totally in that movie! I was in a bar in LA – @here – with a friend of mine and we were standing next to Bruno when I realised he was filming a scene for the movie. So, we started talking to him and we were telling him how sexy he was, esp his treasure trail (he was wearing a cut of top!). Then he danced next to us really gay-ly, and then on to the bar. I didn’t think it would make the film, but we are actually even in the trailer so I guess we ARE in the film! Very cool – can’t wait to see the whole ting, it look hilarious
    Brad (from Sydney)

  4. BTW – you can see us at 2.04 minutes in the trailer, standing on the left looking at him

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