Black is wack!

Written By bryanboy

Black is wack!

How ferosha is this? Team NOIR! Let them Europeans show you how it's done. WERQ!!!!!!!!!

photo credits: jak & jil, fashin fags


  1. adrian

    who’s that Charles Guislain guy? i saw him on sartorialist and then at the hussein chalayan exhib in london. i was kinda freaked out..

  2. youdee

    Isn’t Charles Guislain the really young looking kid who was wearing your pierre hardy hi-tops?

  3. Is Charles Guislain same as the fashown teenage boy you featured before?

  4. Bryan! That 2nd boy from the left… isnt that the one who bought nearly the same Pierre Hardy Metallic sneakers as You did the other day? :O

  5. i was gonna say that he was the one with the pierre hardy that you have..

  6. lowell

    i have the same question as everybody else. and pls tell me jean paul paula’s eyewear isn’t the l’incognito by martin margiela which i bought 1 week ago.

  7. I know the guy on the right and the girl on the right are Dutch. The guy on the left is Dutch as well if I dont mix him up with somebody else. The others two I dont know.

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