Alexander Wang Spring 2009 Dress

Written By bryanboy

Alexander Wang Spring 2009 Dress

Alexander Wang stretch mesh dress as seen on the Spring 2009 runway show.

Alexander Wang dress spring summer 2009

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US$795 available at eLuxury


Sal, 20
Lodi, NJ
Auto Exhaust Fabricator/Welder

The dress is pretty hot. I wouldn’t mind giving it to that girl either.

I approve!


Rob, 24
Blackwood, NJ
IT Student

Plain, but well thought out. Not loud and obnoxious like some of the designs I’ve seen lately. The dress would probably make great casual wear if you could easily afford this. Not really much else to say here.


Jeremy, 22
Atlanta, GA
Private Contractor/Security

Alexander Wang has hit a home run for my hetero wang with this hooker-chic short and strapless dress. A throwback to the Pretty Woman decade of prostitute fashion, this slinky tube of nylon and spandex could make the straightest brokeback on the mountain horny enough to finish off Richard Gere before having his way with Julia Roberts — no anal; lets not take this too far.


Tsyonsyn, 28
San Francisco, CA
Wholesale Florist/DJ

This is for Miami right? Is it supposed to be classy? The dress reminds me of those hoochie big booty girl dresses Latinas wear with their big gold hoop earrings. I like those lines/textured fabric… reminds me of…..bamboo/paper window blinds. Pull a drawstring and dress goes UP!



*photo credits: eluxury,

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