Agyness Deyn, Daphne Guinness and Linda Evangelista Naked for House of Holland

Written By bryanboy

Agyness Deyn, Daphne Guinness and Linda Evangelista for House of Holland

Have you seen the new House of Holland t-shirts? Henry Holland strips down his favourite muses, Laura “Agyness Deyn” Hollins, Daphne Guinness and Linda Evangelista for his Spring 2009 t-shirt collection.

Agyness Deyn, Daphne Guinness and Linda Evangelista naked for House of Holland Spring 2009 t-shirts

Click click click!

My personal favourite is Daphne Guinness, of course.


  1. fuckmeslowlywithachainsaw

    hi bryan, um i know that this sounds a little too.. whatever!
    ur blog isn’t what it used to be when i first opened it, you know?
    i mean, where are all the cussing, the sex, and all that…
    i think, its all about fashion, models etc
    don’t get me wrong, i learn a lot from ur blog…
    its just that i kinda miss the old blog…
    anyway, don’t mind me.. i still LOVE YA!!!!

  2. MatthewS

    i think that T-shirt is a bit too much money. $95 for just a T-shirt??? I’d think twice or thrice in this economic recessions.

  3. sex-o-holic-a

    These t-shirts are quite comical! I’d definitely wear the Linda T!

  4. Not much of a fan. House of Holland seems to ride on trend rather than fashion. The price point for these t-shirts are ridiculous as well.

  5. I usually don’t mind spending a hundred or two on a tee, but not for these~

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