Watch Online CNN Revealed – Carine Roitfeld [VIDEO]

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CNN Revealed – Carine Roitfeld

Everyone’s coming out with TV features these days…. my beloved Aliona Doletskaya, Vogue Russia Editor-in-Chief started it in July last year by appearing in Russia Today.

This time it’s Vogue Paris’ Carine Roitfeld’s turn. Allow me to present you the full-length feature online, right here, right now – no need to stay up until 5:30AM (Sydney Time) to watch for the re-run on television. This is a MUST-SEE for any fashion lover out there. Ladies and gays, this is Carine Roitfeld, revealed.

Embedded video from CNN Video

Parts 2 & 3 after the jump!

Hmm… Vladimir Roitfeld looks more of his mom than Julia.

Embedded video from CNN Video

Anna Wintour: “Did you get my letter? Do you understand?” *SLAPS THE AIR, OVER AND OUT*. MEOW!

Embedded video from CNN Video

Et Anna Wintour?


  1. Kathleen

    Lol, I loved watching this on CNN this morning. :)
    Love your entries, you are so funny! XO

  2. Antoine

    It isn’t an obligation to be gay to like the Great Carine Roitfeld !
    I love your blog !!
    Antoine Morin ( from Paris)

  3. This was shown on CNN Asia yesterday at 4pm Philippine time. I was hoping to see you when she was in NY for fashion week but I guess they only showed parts of it.

  4. Poooreza Schouler

    who made that coat that she was wearing when she attended the chanel show? the one with the “squared” shoulders.

  5. Hapsical-Blog

    * sorry, should have said Martin Margiela (me being an idiot)

  6. What a incredible woman! And she is so magnificant! Carine wears almost everything of margiela…the trenchcoat and the furcoat are from margiela!

  7. Poooreza Schouler

    oh, it’s margiela. fab! i wished there was some scenes of her wearing alaia. you hardly ever see new alaia clothes except probably on her.

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