Spring Essentials

Written By bryanboy

Spring Essentials

I want.

My friend Sharon from Singapore gifted me with a Marc by Marc Jacobs lipstick pen last year. I've ran out of ink so I did a wee bit of googling and I found the $2.95 version. Cute eh? The days of us human beings handwriting something are numbered
especially in this era of electronic communication and mobile devices. Imagine the delight whenever I take that pen out of my bag. I'm telling you, it's soo realistic looking people often wonder whether I'm gonna put lipstick on or not!

You're welcome.


  1. you’re really serious with the little black book no? hahaha
    i laveet. especially the lipstick pen. i think imma get one of those soon

  2. I love that clutch and I have that pen, I adore it. It was so great that I use it in board meetings and hand it over to a full room of guys in their suits, if they need to sign anything hahahah.

  3. stocki

    ya know I’ve tried that exact givenchy gloss. kinda dried out my lips. just sayin.

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