1. Lisa From Cali

    Please Bryan, don’t apologize. Just be with your family and take your time. We’ll be here.

  2. my condolences, BB.
    take all the time you need we’ll still be here. (:

  3. I’m so sorry hear that dear bryan…U give all of readers us a lot of happy here. Remember, we all always uphold u.

  4. yeah saying goodbye is never easy. Moving on to a new life, a new normal without the beloved one is a journey in itself. Though death may have taken away our loved ones, their memories live on in us. THey will always be in our hearts. *hugs*

  5. my condolences, Bryan…please take as much time as you want/need to yourself. I’m sure it’s hard right now…I wish you well. <3 <3 <3
    best regards!

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