Pony Play Fetish Boots

I’m sure you’ve already seen those stunning shoes at Nina Ricci fall/winter 2009.

Nina Ricci Fall Winter 2009 2010 shoes

Those shoes are definitely stunning but tbh, they’re not THAT new. Olivier Theyskens I’m calling you out! Just kidding.

Click click click!

I thought they looked familiar and I’ve seen them before online so I did a wee bit of research and came across this Italian fetish shoemaker called Punitive Shoes. They’ve been making extreme fetish shoes by hand for years. 

Pony Play shoes and boots by Punitive Shoes

Personally I like the Rancho pony boot. It looks so ferosh. At 219 euros per pair, these handmade boots comes in black, red or white, matte or patent leather. Too bad I can’t afford it now but OMG I’ll def. save money for these.

Punitive Shoes, Rancho boot

The Nina Ricci shoes appear to be more refined; the soles are thinner and the platform on the toes carry much of the weight.

Nina Ricci Fall 2009 shoes

Clearly I’m obsessed with these shoes so I searched further.

This style is obviously inspired by PONY PLAY, a sexual fetish involving submissive people dressing up as ponies or horses.

Check out THIS video. Those shoes are TO DIE FOR. The YouTube user doesn’t allow website embedding so you’ll need to click on the link.

Pony Play boots

I think these are the Punitive Rancho boots but I’m not sure. Watch THIS video. Again, the user won’t allow website embedding.

Pony plat boots

Here’s another one…

I also saw this photo from Marquis, a German-based online fetish shop selling these pony/hoove boots.

Pony Play Hoove Boots

Last but not the least, it’s funny how I saw these “Star Struck Stardust” glitter platforms from Eros Boutique.

Take note of the glitter, the colour and that cut-out heel inside the other clear perspex (?) heel.

Now compare it to Nina Ricci Fall/Winter 2009-2010.

*photo credits: style.com, punitive shoes, youtube, marquis, eros boutique, imaxtree via nymag