Magnificent Marie at Adelaide Tokyo

Written By bryanboy

Magnificent Marie at Adelaide Tokyo

Sometime last week, my new friend Marie brought me to the Adelaide store for a little bit of shopping. Marie is a very famous model/celebrity in Japan and we met earlier in the week while shopping along Omotesando. I was like, omg who’s that gurl, she’s soo pretty! Then we bumped into each other at a party in Le Baron de Paris when she was about to leave the club, that’s when we became friends. Next thing you know she took me around the shops.

I took a snap of her working a Marc Jacobs Collection jacket (which I thought was very cute) and a pair of Balmain jeans.

Click click click!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Marie. I think she’s fabulous and super nice. She’s soo full of life and hysterical in many, many, many ways!


  1. hello bryanboy!! i know marie! まりえちゃん! well not know her personally, but i’ve lived in japan and watched enough japanese tv to know who she is. i adore her. she’s from a supremely wealthy family but i love her because she isn’t a spoilt kid and works for her own money. on top of all that she’s super funny and that equals big plus points in my book! i’m so jealous you got to be friends with all these amazing japanese stars whom i’ve adored for years. haha!

  2. Marie! i know her! i live in singapore, but my mum is a japanese, so i visit japan twice a year since young. she’s a very well known model in japan and works for the popular fashion magazine, VIVI. oh god, i adore vivi, feature the cutest clothes ever!
    you’re so lucky, bb!

  3. Oh… I just saw Marie in VS Arashi, she was super funny flirting with that soccer player! Haha!

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