Madonna & Jesus Luz

Written By bryanboy

Madonna & Jesus Luz

Unlike most of the people who bat for Team GAY, I wouldn't consider myself a fan but you have to hand it out to geriatric, 200-year old Madonna for having a 22-year old lover. How does Madge make you feel?

photo credit: SPLASH via Daily Mail


  1. Madonna and Jesus are trying out another setup this time around. It’s Oedipus!
    But for real, methinks he’s experiencing a world priorly unaccessible to him, getting exposure like nobody’s business in the meanwhile and she’ll learn him a trick or two(hundred). She’s having a major kick & boost out of him. All in all a good deal for both parties.

  2. one really really lucky bitch gal!
    I still love her though. :)
    i already saw this news from TMZ-i think 2 days ago. I hope this goes well again-and hope it won’t lead her to bankruptcy if ever they do decide to get marry haha.
    yep, the guy’s one fine thang haha

  3. Good for Madonna. And 50 is nowhere close to 200. I don’t see the need to criticize Madonna for her age, especially since she’s completely on top of her game still to this day! Forbes says she earned almost one quarter of a BILLION dollars last year, her tour broke records, she is still selling millions of albums all over the world and she looks better than ever – and she has a HOT boy toy to boot. Madonna RULES!

  4. Lisa From Cali

    Kudos for Madonna! Lots of dirty old creepy men have much much younger women with them all the time. Madonna is having fun with Jesus. I’m sure he is much more fun than that the last gold digger she married. Just don’t marry Jesus Madonna! lol

  5. Learn from your mistakes Madonna. Don’t get hitched. Just enjoy the ride … you have your kids to worry about too.

  6. madonna is doing the right thing, life is short do what you feel right and enjoy all the hotness from jesus or the next one.

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