Lily Donaldson is (slightly more) curvy.

Written By bryanboy

Lily Donaldson is (slightly) curvy.

Have you been reading the Milan reviews over at Interesting. The ferocious fashion journalist Sarah Mower recently pointed out that Lily Donaldson is (slightly more) curvy at the Versace Fall/Winter 2009-2010 show.

photo credits: catwalking, dave yoder for WWD


  1. my first immediate reaction is yes, you are obese if you are comparing to their standards but to me (and that means very little to you) she looks beautufl. she looks BEAUTIFULLY curvy. she looks like me except i have bigger boobs :P
    i read it over again and i didnt catch anything wrong with calling her “curvy”

  2. Ahngela (yes, this is how you spell my name!)

    Maybe Donatella did something to the dress, we all know curvy gals wear Versace good.

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