Lady Gaga "The Fame" Sunglasses T-shirt

Written By bryanboy

Lady Gaga "The Fame" Sunglasses T-shirt

Are you gaga for Lady Gaga? I wouldn't buy a celebrity-inspired t-shirt under normal circumstances but this one is wayyy too chic (and cheap — perfect for those of us who are too broke) to pass.


  1. So loveable.
    Lady GaGa is a promissing new artist, and I would buy the shirt even if it wasn’t hers. It’s tottaly me.

  2. it’s sooo nicee! i’me a huuge fan of Lady GaGa and i’d totally kill for that shirt! sadly, i don’t think it ships here in the Third World. oh well. :(

  3. night=wish

    This shirt is dope. Anybody know where I can buy this exact Tee? Have tried the purchase link, no luck.
    I really want this sweet Gaga Tee.

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