Jil Sander at Uniqlo

Jil Sander (the REAL Jil Sander) is back in the world of fashion! Japanese fast fashion superstore Uniqlo recently tapped Jil Sander to oversee their men's and women's collections.

TOKYO (AFP) — German luxury fashion designer Jil Sander is teaming up with Japan's no-frills clothing retailer Uniqlo, the company said Tuesday. Sander — best known for her minimalist creations for executive women — said she will now oversee men's and women's apparel at Uniqlo, operated by the Japanese chain Fast Retailing Co Ltd.

"I think you must be surprised to see me here," she told reporters in Tokyo.

"But I'm not interested in the past. I'm here for something completely different. The challenge for me is to establish premium quality in a democratically-priced brand.

*photo credit: WWD