Jeanne Beker, Fashion Television

Written By bryanboy

Jeanne Beker, Fashion Television

Before FTV (as in "I love FTVDOTCOM"), they had Elsa Klensch. Remember her? I don't know about you but I used to piss my pants whenever her show came on CNN when I was very young. Ditto with MTV's House of Style with Amber Valetta and Shalom Harlow. I also grew up watching Behind the Velvet Ropes with Lauren Ezersky. God I love that woman. I must have been what, twelve years old and thinking, "who is this outrageous and flamboyant rich Jewish lady with salt & pepper hair? I wanna be like that when I grow up!" All she did was go to fashion shows, showrooms, studios and interview designers (whatever happened to Zang Toi). At the end of her show, she'd pop a bottle of Moet & Chandon champagne. What about Tim Blanks? Years and years before he got his gig, I used to watch old re-runs of Fashion File in third world cable TV thinking wow, just wow.

Then of course, there's the highly-respected Jeanne Beker (Fashion Television) who I truly admire.


  1. bluecandyboy

    Im beginning to think that we were born in the same era… Elsa Klensch was the style goddess of CNN, I even bought her book. And that was roughly the same time Amber and Shalom (and sometimes, Todd Oldham, who is a cutie) hosted House of Style. As for Lauren Ezersky, I don’t like her eccentric fash that much.

  2. Taslenna

    Imagine my surprise – as I make my daily stop on – to see the wonderful and talented Jeanne Baker as a feature on your site after just noting to myself the number of years I’ve watched her on Fashion Television. The FT theme song is forever engraved in my mind – and I totally agree, she is extremely eloquent – even when interviewing huge designers backstage with only seconds to do so. Great thanks for mentioning a Canadian favourite!:)

  3. Do you have pics of Jeanne interviewing you? Please post — would be really divine.

  4. Awww, Jeanne is so rad! I love her, she’s the best interviewer. She has an actual gift with interviewing, and she’s so sweet.
    Thats cute you were nervous to say hi :D

  5. I cannot believe you brought up Lauren Ezersky. Not only did I watch her show when I was, like, 8, but I saw her while I was (creepily) standing outside of the Alexander Wang show a couple of weeks ago. Besides being too shy to go up to her and say hello, all I could remember about her was the way she said “Behind the VELVET Ropes!” Thank god SOMEONE not only has that memory, but that you actually remember her name!

  6. Jeanne is dating my friend/neighbour’s roommate actually. I also think she’s awesome. As someone from Toronto who follows fashion, she really has been a huge consistent part of the world fashion scene and rightfully so.
    Nice shoutout to her.

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