Huff, Puff, Click, Clack

You know you are in real Tokyo when you walk IN THE CEMETERY at MIDNIGHT just to go to your friend’s house. That’s exactly what I did last night. After a night out in Aoyama, I took a cab to be dropped off at the nearest subway station where my friend lives. I forgot my friend’s address, my phone died and I don’t speak Japanese
so I can’t give instructions to the taxi driver so walking from the
subway station was the best option. What was meant to be a 3 minute walk turned out to be a long late night trek cause I couldn’t find the bloody cemetery.

I was wandering around Ikebukuro when I saw this white guy walk on the street. I wanted to ask him for directions but I hesitated cause he might be a tourist so I was like ok whatever. As he got closer, I looked at him, he stopped, did a double take and looked at me so what the heck, I went up to him and asked him where the cemetery was. Lo and behold the response was “hey aren’t you bryan? you’re the one with the blog?”


He helped me out and walked me to the entrance of the cemetery. I thought that was nice. Since he lived in the opposite direction, I went to the cemetery alone. My friend’s house was just around the corner. I took this video because I was sooo scared. I’m not scared of being raped… you can’t rape the willing. I was scared of ghosts!!

Whoever you are Mr. Stranger, thank you for rescuing me.

Tomorrow I’m moving to Shibuya. Yay!