H&M shows some love

Written By bryanboy

H&M shows some love

Rumors have been going around since last year that Swedish fast fashion retailer, Hennes & Mauritz (that’s H&M to you) will hit third world shores. I know I don’t keep track of the local retail scene that much but to my knowledge (and to this date), we still don’t have H&M in Manila.


  1. Aaah, congrats!
    Do you know where I could suscribe to the H&M magazine? I’ve only been able to find the online version.

  2. hihihi. i do hope H&M comes to our shores soon.
    the nearest H&M store i’ve gone to would be in HK ><

  3. Mimi- i dont think HM mails their magazines so youre gonna have to go to the store itself to get the issue

  4. oh gosh i hope H&M drop some love here in MANILA! ples??? hahaha! 22years old BB?! heck! he’s only sweet16!

  5. i read in a newspaper article that h&m would really open here and theyre planning it to put in sm since its the only place that has that space… it also says there that hermes would open here soon.. somewhat in 2010

  6. Tintin

    Haha, I was just about to scan the copy I got from H&M in Macau! Oh my gulay, the largest size they carried for the cute dress I liked was 34 (US size 2), diyahe!

  7. Jasmien

    Kind of embarresing to say but
    Its thanks to the H&m mag that i discovered the awesomness that is youre blog.

  8. Aldous

    If &M hits the third world shores by 2010, I’d be having limitless disposable income by then.

  9. My cousin works for H&M’s customer service center in Germany where you can order clothes from their catalogues and things like that – she told me that they have your website pre-installed on every employee’s browser along with a few other fashion related links. Thought I’d share! :) By the way, I love your site and you seem to be such a great person.

  10. Ugh. Bryanboy, I can’t believe I never noticed your special mention! Congrats!
    And at @Mimi – H&M employees give out their magazine on the streets too. Imagine my surprise when I was at the Kodak Theater having this thing shoved at me. lol

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