Happy Birthday to me!

Written By bryanboy

Happy Birthday to me!

Many thanks to all of you who sent me greetings and birthday wishes over the past few days. Today is actually my birthday. But yes, it's nice and very sweet of y'all to include me in your thoughts. 

Here's to a healthier, happier and more prosperous 2009-2010!


  1. Lisa From Cali

    Happy Birthday Bryan and many more! Who is that big hunk of a man you are holding? Is that at a mall or a museum?

  2. thenotorious from the third world

    happy birthday BB!!
    wish you health, happiness, feroshness and all the bags and booties in the world! :)

  3. happy happy birthday! :)
    you’ve been working hard, you have a good heart and that’s why you’re receiving a lot of blessings.
    you deserve more, sweety!
    and i know your one true love will come. very very soon.

  4. Anthony

    Happy Birthday your fabulousness! Wishing all the pretty shiny things you can get in the world :) and hope you find that Gazzelionaire you’ve been lookin for, to pamper you and shower you with affection from Louis, Chanel, Lavin, Marc purses, furs and diamonds your heart desires! lol muah! keep sweatin the glitter babe!

  5. happy birthday bryan! stay fab and ferosha always! keep those glitters drippin’! Yeah! Hehehe.. Mwahs! ;)

  6. Happy Birthday Bryan! I hope you have a fabulous day and all of your wishes come true xx Paul xx

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BB! I wish u lots of health, happiness, & seksi men this year. xoxo

  8. haha.. love this shot of you.. you totally owned it!! happy birthday bb from your fans at truevali. :)

  9. Happy Birthday BB!!! Wasn’t online yesterday, couldn’t wish you earlier. Hope you have an enjoyable one!
    Come back to Singapore! We miss you!

  10. Hartelijk gefeliciteerd! lotsa love from the other end of the world =)

  11. happy birthday, B!! :D
    have an absolutely amazing one.
    march babies ftw!

  12. happppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyy belated birthdayyyyyyy bryan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    may u live infinite centuries !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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