Greetings from Rwanda!

Written By bryanboy

Greetings from Rwanda!

Greetings from the third world! No, not THAT wretched third world silly.

I'm here in fabulous Kigali for the super glamorous Rwanda Fashion Week. I just got here in my charming hotel smack right in the center of this beautiful country. From what I heard, Donatella is staying at the same hotel and the Olsens Twins are down the market buying loads of accessories and jewelry, you know, beads etc. Before you start nagging at me, Rwanda is the new fashion capital of the world.


  1. bwahahaha! i like crazy post like this, clasic bb! i bet ur stayin at hotel rwanda.

  2. Chiffre

    Bryan, I may be laughing, but this is by far my favourite look from you!
    It just works way too well.

  3. My school just announced we gotta raise money for Malawi ._.
    Hmm.. Rwanda, Malawi, aint there a fashion week in Malawi too?

  4. wahahhaa…very funny!!
    btw bry..what’s ut take on that designer (?) boyet fajardo hullaballoo??

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