Dow Below 7,000

Written By bryanboy

Dow Below 7,000

A bit off-topic. I don't know how many of you are in the same position as me – broke, fat, low on credit, low on cash, stocks on hold. Isn't it gut-wrenching to watch your pitiful investments go on a freefall?

data from BBC


  1. don’t worry sweetie.
    everything we’ll be back to normal or even higher by 2010 to 2011. the economy is expected to go ups on a roller-coaster this next few years :)

  2. Everybody I know who works in the finance sector says it’s going to get much worse over the long run. I don’t have enough money to invest, so I just spend all mine and keep my cards maxed out!

  3. milorad

    feb 2008: u$s 340.000 on lloyds stocks
    feb 2009: u$s 40.000
    and not a single shoe in between
    freaking sucks

  4. Uhm… you know… you can make money when stocks go down by “shorting”.
    Anyways, if you have money in the stock market you should get it out ASAP
    DOW is going to 4000 S&P is going to 400

  5. isobel

    so broke. i’m reduced to buying second hand “jeans west”. sigh.

  6. I know how you feel hun. Things suck big time at the moment. We lost quite a bit too…

  7. A friend who works for a brokerage told me last night that all the financial gurus know is that the Dow won’t go below 0..and that might be wishful thinking!! So you might as well cash out and party babe..go deeply in debt too, lol!!

  8. Why go deeply into debt? You interested in living in a tent in 5 years?
    Why not trade with your money and invest it once the market actually does hit bottom? Which will be when the people on CNBC stop calling bottoms.

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