Congratulations, Marc!

Written By bryanboy

Congratulations, Marc!

YES, my dear readers, it’s true. Marc and Lorenzo are engaged. Marc’s in Brazil now and he’s meeting his mother-in-law in a few hours. I have no idea what time it is over there but it must be early in the morning.

*photo credit: getty via WWD


  1. “..somewhere out there in this wicked & wonderful world, there are two hearts forging a long, lasting commitment.”
    Aww beebz you just had to put it that way! Marc and Lo look so much alike there.

  2. omfg, they look so good together. wonder who’s the catcher and the pitcher. lol

  3. well mj did it :D
    he married a pretty hot s.o.b
    when i saw him with the dude ranch at
    the beach wit mj and kate moss
    glad hes with lorenzo and not the previous
    man hooker

  4. I’m so happy for them – I wish them ALL THE BEST!! Hopefully they’ll be happy together for a looooong time ^^

  5. aww that’s so sweet! they’re such a handsome couple. Also, I thought I saw Olivier Theyskens waiting for you outside?
    xx-LJ from SOS!

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