Beyonce Knowles Vogue USA April 2009 Cover

Written By bryanboy

Beyonce Knowles for Vogue

I think it was last year when I've finally come to terms that models have no place when it comes to American Vogue covers. It's simply not the magazine for them. I've given up on whingeing and whining because, quite frankly, it's pointless, useless and akin to giving a litany to a brick wall.

Anyhoo, Beyonce "Sasha Fierce" Knowles is on the cover of Vogue's April 2009 Shape Issue. TBH, I thought she's an interesting choice made by Anna. Didn't she just put First Lady Michelle Obama on this month's cover? When was the last time you saw two black women on the cover of Vogue in a row?

*scan credit: pulse music board


  1. lool you are so cute, from your writing you can tell that your not very interested in it ,but you make it sound like you are , you just don’t want to give up on American Vogue actually i would be more happy to see you on the cover then her xoxo:)

  2. It’s a lovely cover. And it is indeed historical to put two black women on the cover of VOGUE in a row… (did that make sense?! hahaha) But what I do though see is a similarity to the February issue with Blake Lively on it. The white walls and the peeking greenery of trees and the black VOGUE, it’s just tiring to see the same thing over and over again. But I like it. I just hope the VOGUE people use another backdrop for their covers…that’s all.

  3. The pose is beautifull but her eyes look a little dull =( like she’s thinking “This is the 198st picture, c’mon B look fierce. Damn I’m outa here where’s Sasha when you need her?”

  4. Kathleen

    Vogue is going sooo downhill.
    What is this, like the “I’m obsessed about my weight and everybody else’s” issue? Everywhere on the cover is slapped “WEIGHT” “OBSESSION” “BODY” “SHAPE” “ANA” “MIA” “FATTIES”.
    Uh, no thanks.

  5. bluecandboy

    I believe ALT had his clout all over this issue again… at least, it isn’t Katherine Heigl as previously circulated in TFS and imo, this one fares way better than JHud’s.

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