Beyonce for Samantha Thavasa

Written By bryanboy

Beyonce for Samantha Thavasa

Remember Samantha Thavasa? You know, the Japanese handbag line that is/was promoted by Paris Hilton and Tinsley Mortimer? I saw this poster as I walked past Harajuku…


  1. hi BB. actually I’m more interested in the man beside Beyonce. ^^

  2. I think this photo is kinda weird…
    She looks like she’s going to walk but stands still at the same time, like her chest and legs aren’t from the same person.

  3. The man is Takuya Kimura. He is in a Japanese boys band like Backstreet boys, called SMAP.

  4. omg yes that man next to beyonce is called kimura takuya and he is THE hottest man on the planet, end of story. he’s part of one of the biggest groups in japan called smap, and every superstar – michael & janet jackson, madonna, will smith, well everyone who wants to promote something in japan, will go to their tv show. i love them to bits. ah! i can’t believe i gave up staying in japan after living there for 4 years, and left them behind! :(

  5. is that takuya kimura?
    the ad looks heavily photoshopped.. then again. what isnt.

  6. ahhh kimutaku is total hotness. why is he modeling for samantha thavasa? their bags are insanely cute.

  7. Yes. And Takuya Kimura or Kimutaku, as he is sweetly called, appeared in that Levi’s commercial aired in the Philippines very long time ago. ONE.HOT.GUY.

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