Beth Ditto for Love Magazine by Katie Grand

Written By bryanboy

Beth Ditto for Love Magazine

Everyone's talking about LOVE (Katie Grand's new magazine at Conde Nast) for quite some time now but after seeing the festively plump Beth Ditto on the cover a few weeks ago, I decided I want my own copy. Unfortunately, I'm here in the third world so hello, getting my own copy is a bit of a challenge. It came out like when I was in NYC and now it's sold out. Darn.


  1. i love beth ditto! her confidence and attitude is simply mesmerising! she’s such a role model for being true to oneself!
    I’d love to get this mag!

  2. hey bryan boy! I just read about you in teenvogue! Quite a luky guy.. your website is fascinating and very busy.. i hope to be seeing some more of those behind the scenes photos at fashion shows.. thats a place i’d luv to be! take care and good luck!

  3. Don’t feel like you are discriminated, honey, Love Magazine was 10 euros in Paris ! I guess that’s the shipping cost for 2 hours of Eurostar ? And anyways, I was really really dispointed by Love. The Beth editorial was great, but the rest king of boring… Nothing stunning, or Young or shoking, just the same old it-girl…
    I think you are a very cool person from the 21st century, I’d love to be your friend !! xxxx

  4. I just love how Beth is so confident in her own skin. And she’s such a total inspiration for individualism.
    I’d love to get the mag as well!

  5. im not sure if you’ve seen it but you’re in h&m’s spring mag. hailed as the hottest blogger (and asia’s best) yet again.

  6. Oh yeah, having an obese women is fine while having a thin women on the cover is horrible. It’s all the same – both extremes – it’s just people’s egos are less threatened with a fatter gal.

  7. I’ve got a copy. It’s definitely worth getting. Great photography, though you end up wishing some of the amazing one off pictures (Liya as Tina Turner, Natalia V with her little girl) had been developed into full-blown editorials. The picture of Lara Stone and the carrot is pretty much iconic.

  8. teecake

    The magazine is £5 in Britain. The reason the shipping is so expensive will be as it’s full of adverts and weighs a ton. The magazine itself is a bit disappointing, just a load of adverts and some articles that just reinforce things that the fashion world currently perceives as being cool.
    I don’t really care about Beth Ditto. I think it’s completely sad that people in fashion get excited about someone being overweight and a bit different when they are constantly pushing the completely opposite image. She has totally bought into the idea of being famous to the extent people aren’t aware of her for her music but simply being overweight and being paraded about by fashion losers as being something a bit wacky and different.

  9. Hey u guys..all of you who are looking to buy the Love magazine….buy it online at or visit the store itself…its called Magazine Cafe..its based on 15W 37th Street…they still have copies and I thought this would be worth sharing!

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