Balmain Spring 2009 Sandals

Written By bryanboy

Balmain Spring 2009 Sandals

You know, the first thing my dad told me when I woke up on Monday morning last week just four hours before my light for Tokyo was “Bry, a FedEx cargo plane exploded in Narita airport so you need to check with the airline company whether your flight is delayed or not.”

My response: OH NO THEY DIDN’T!!!!!

But not because of my flight. I was scared because my friend Lauren bought a pair of those precious Balmain shoes and they were on their way to Tokyo!

Can you imagine how devastating it would be if you’ve been saving (or in my case, STARVING) for weeks then your $2,000 Balmain spring/summer 2009 sandals blew up with other cargo? I would probably die!!! The sandals arrived in safe hands though — thank god for UPS.

balmain shoes

Click click click!

balmain spring summer 2009 shoes

Balmain swarovski crystal studded shoes

balmain spring 2009 shoes  

Lauren works for the lovely Adelaide and Addition Adelaide, two of my favourite stores in Tokyo. More about that later.


  1. omg those shoes are gorgeous! yes, thank goodness they’re safe :) I wonder how the pilot of that FedEx airplane is doing, though…

  2. OMG!!!! THANK GOD THOSE PRECIOUS ONES ARE SAFE!!! I fell in love with those sandals the first time i saw it!!! Too bad I can’t afford one. boohoo!

  3. Sadly- that would be my first thought as well. PS- what’s with all the plane crashes lately. As if I’m not scared enough of my too often trips to HK for work. :(

  4. Summer Sunset

    The Balmains are absolutely HOT, HOT HOT! What’s the sizing like, are they True to Size? What size did you get? Many thanks.

  5. Stripperrella

    Wow she is so lucky.. I’m literally drooling.. I had to resort to eBay for mine. Maybe I’ll buy them from Net A Porter when they become available again.. Le Sigh..

  6. Jay Inojales

    Kelly Clarkson was wearing these exact same shoes on her new single ‘I Do Not Hook Up’. They look hot!

  7. those balmain shoes are straight out of a sex shop on hollywood blvd!

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