Andrea Sachs is dat chu?

Written By bryanboy

Andrea Sachs is dat chu?

No, no that wasn't a question. I was browsing the NYTimes this morning and the first thing I saw on this photo is not Kate Moss holding a drink or the minor (???) beside her but the brunette in the back with the red eyeglasses. Who knew Andy Sachs is a real, living, breathing, gawking person?

photo credit: greg kessler for nytimes


  1. Cherry Waves

    That is none other that Leonetta Fendi…what a lucky girl!

  2. She should have a thinking balloon: RLY?
    And the kid too: YA RLY!
    now I really want to know what all those people are gawking at.

  3. isn’t leonetta fendi like 12 years old? she’s too young to be hanging out with kate moss!

  4. I got the exact same glasses yesterday!
    This is from the Fendi O’ party at PAris no? They r all looking at FENDI dresses Beth Ditto performing live!

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