Alexander McQueen Fall Winter 2009 2010 Pics

Written By bryanboy

Alexander McQueen Fall 2009

Leave it to Brit bad boy Alexander McQueen to deliver a SHOW in Paris. First pics are now pouring in and I'm blown away!

*photo credit: daylife via tfs


  1. the make up…the lips…..offensively chic….
    FINALLY something exciting this fall!

  2. Looks pretty awesome =) Kinda Marilyn Manson meets fashion gothic in Rihanna’s umbrella clip.
    Yes I know that made absolutely no sense.
    anyway, I didn’t know what harlquin babies where, zo I googled it. Holy shit it scared the crap out of me. Pretty scary babies.

  3. Glad someone mentioned the overt Leigh Bowery reference. Refreshing to see someone this season aside from Marc Jacobs steer away from drab recession chic. Chanel on heroin. Does no one else think Derelichte from Zoolander? Or perhaps Jacques Marcel from I Love Lucy? All on an Amanda Lepore blowup sex doll model.

  4. hi b, blimey – where are my manners. i’m terribly sorry about your granny. hope you’re coping well. as to alex mcq’s a/w, great collection as usual. the guy has been going on from strength to strength these over these past seasons. when will he dress bjork again?ciao.

  5. this is so disturbingly chic I can’t keep my eyes away from it. Gorgeous in a twisted way, im drawn into it. The Ronald McDonald/Amanda Lepore makeup is sickly attractive, i hearts it:)

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