After the Party by Jeremy Kost

Written By bryanboy

After the Party by Jeremy Kost

Calling all my folks in NYC — be sure to pop by and support my friend Jeremy Kost's event TONIGHT at The Dactyl Foundation. I love Jeremy. I really do. He's soo hot alright but yeah, I'm a super big fan of his work and it was an honor to have my polaroid taken when I went there two weeks ago.

Bryanboy by Jeremy Kost backstage at Marc Jacobs Fall Winter 2009

From his press release: set to open March 3rd, Dactyl Foundation presents "After the Party,"
an exhibition featuring the art and photography of Jeremy Kost. The
show is curated by Tim Goossens of P.S. 1. Known on the New York
circuit as “the Polaroid artist,” Kost creates art with his tried and
true Polaroid camera. His Polaroids are about power and desire; whether
it is obtained or not, the works presented lend to the notions of
instant gratification, restraint and the overall fulfillment of

Jeremy Kost After the Party

The results of the photo sessions take the form of one-of-a-kind
Polaroid grids and collages. The Polaroid images allow for instant
gratification thanks to their quick development, but at the same time
the observer is left with a certain craving. Certain of the artist’s
feelings, they are perfectly conveyed in the essence of the Polaroids: 
he is at once self-involved and far-removed. The offhand
whirr-whirr-whirr of Polaroids – push, click, eject; push, click, eject
– ideally suits them to be parts of greater photographic wholes:
rectangular tessellations in many-eyed mosaics.

polaroids by Jeremy Kost


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