What a Week

Written By bryanboy

What a Week

Hay guys, do you still remember me?

PS. If you live in Manila, I'd like to hear horrifying experiences with local dry cleaners. Who do you think is the WORST dry cleaner in the city? Who do you think is the best? Have you ever sent in a piece only to get it back damaged? How many times have you had shrunken sweaters returned or pleated pieces that were ironed FLAT? I'd like to hear them all!


  1. hottorney

    Doctor Laundry in 4th floor SJB Building Panay avenue Quezon Cty is the best. One time, I had a thousand pesos left in my pocket, they returned it. I never had any horrible incident with them. In fact, I always get complimented by friends on the nice smell of my bed sheets.haha. I hope they have a branch there in Alabang. They have another branch at proj. 8 Q.C. also

  2. Hi Bebe…do what you need to get done..everyone understands and will be here waiting for your posts.

  3. gagah ka talaga BRB, bakit ngayon mo lang isinuot ang outfit na yan? YOU LOOK GORGEOUS IN THAT OUTFIT! I ENVY YOU!
    at pwede medyo luwangan mo ang mga butas ng pants mo para lumabas ang thingy, thingy mo! Ahahahha! KALOKAH!

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