Terron Wood at 1 OAK

Written By bryanboy

Terron Wood at 1 OAK

So where did I spend my last $8? Cab fare to meet my favourite male model of course. Hoy mga badings meet my jowa. Ang gwapo gwapo niya… kabog lahat ng mga nagmamagandang lalake diyan sa Manila… nakakaloka!!!!!!!!


  1. hinalik mo ba siya?
    please tell me you kissed him!
    my god! bakla! nakakaloka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ingit ko talaga!
    mahal kita, mas mahal ko siya!

  2. des garcons

    bryanboy…. i really hope you get to know him more than that! he’s a douche bag! i can’t believe you like him that much… he’s one of those models that other models hate! full of himself.. i’ve worked with him in paris and milan. and fyi: he is gay! hint: robin sinclair (jason’s boy friend)!!! i’m not hating at all. just saying exactly how it is.

  3. shushal! kinabog mo naman si bb gandanghari ate! haha lolz sa mga nagmamagandang lalake dito sa manila.. lyk pp gandangpapa aka piolo! lolz hehehehe

  4. Wow BB you’re right, he IS hotness!
    Talagang kinabog mo nga ang lahat ng bakla dito sa pinas! Aanhin mo pa si jake cuenca (oops! nevermind)kung may terron wood ka naman? more pics pa! from tyson ballou naman! hihihi

  5. gosh, ang gwpo nya BRB! pwede kong ahasin? Ahahahaha!
    pwede na ba ang $1000 dollars na talent fee nya? take note for one night only ha!

  6. angelavasconcellos

    amo, napaka bongacious mo tlga palagi mo na lang ini ingit ang nga yaya mo dito

  7. you also have a good looking face. plus the body! I wonder what you put on your face because it doesn’t seem like you have any blemish at all! you’re soo fabulous!

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