Teen Vogue March 2009 – Taylor Swift

Written By bryanboy

Teen Vogue March 2009

Wow. I popped by the newstands to see the latest Teen Vogue and there it was. And there's ickle ol' me!


  1. I discovered this blog by reading that issue of Teen Vogue. I can’t believe I never heard of you before – now you seem to be everywhere. Gah!
    Anyway, you’re full of awesomeness ;)

  2. hai..hello…or should I say, mabuhay? gosh u such famous rite now, since TeenVouge March 2009 issue write down abaout your profile. I was surprise because you based from Asia, Filiphino and I’m from Indonesia (I see your post,where u feature at Cleo magazine-Indonesia, yes thats I come from). Its rarely to find cool fashion blog from Asia, even I know Asian more stylish and trendy rite? haha… because mostly they came from Europe or America. Its so boring sometimes and thanks you’re there at this time.
    Eniweis, I’m independent accessory designer from Indonesia and I want to share and want to know your opinion about my product. Actually, I already launch the lookbook from my new product and already sent the detail to your email. I hope u have time for read at least pay attention for my email,because I,m sure your email box it will be overloade since you famous hahaha…oke, nice to know u Bryan, you have great style (heh..probably I’m one of million poeple say that haha)

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