Poladroid Fun

Written By bryanboy

Poladroid Fun

I’m probably the last person to know this but my gosh, I love Poladroid! It’s a cool — and free — software which allows you to convert your pictures to digital polaroids. I guarantee you hours and hours and hours of fun.

Check out some of the poladroids I made. Click click click!

Why play with demotivational posters…


  1. I am the same person of “vanitykillsme.wordpress.com” (this is my fashion blog) I just want to say that I love the 7th photo…it´s so cool!

  2. hey BB c:
    i love those pose in that pink-rose backdrop of yours..
    hey..why do i feel so envious anyway? heheh at least im not the one who wears the coat and hangs out in hallways wheheheh..gosh i so love ur style! keep it up!

  3. thanks for the link. i tried it and it was so much fun. I hate the waiting part though. Stay fabulous B!

  4. awsome! i love theme there soo good!! really profecional looking ! where is that shirt from (in the envy picture and others)?

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