1. i myself am a chuck & blair fan. and i think nate’s getting a bit boring in season 2 anyway. although i always had this nagging feeling that they (blair & nate) will eventually get back together.

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nate is such a womanizer, seriously I think he’s best with Jenny, they are so cute together. Thank god he moved on from Vanessa, they didn’t match to begin with.

  3. Jaejoong

    I think bryanboy should be the one kissing blair with chunk hissing in the background

  4. oh my,
    is it just me or does that look a bit like chuck?
    gossipgirl, you will be the death of me!

  5. OMG!
    I’m a Gossipgirl Addict, and I didn’t see this coming. Well, not thi soon anyway.
    I’m super shocked!
    BLAIRE and NATE??
    Maghihiramentado nako. LOL
    I LIKE Lil J for Nate. :(

  6. i am for team Blair and Chuck.
    I think Jenny and Vanessa are the only characters who are not trying to do everybody. Well, Jenny will join the ranks when she gets older.

  7. Gossip Guy

    wtf.. oi, fuck you! some people actually like to watch their programms and not be spoiler by spoilers. dick!

  8. omg no i freaked out when i saw this chuck and blair forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus there should have been a spoiler alert!!! now i feel like ive been cheated

  9. am i the only one who loves nate+vanessa?
    supposedly nate catches vanessa flirting with some guy so he runs off to blair or something

  10. I’m lazily examining your page for the first time ever and this is the first thing that catches my attention. Must stop my Gossip Girl obsession.
    Your blog is pretty awesome too :)

  11. It’s not true. I refuse to believe it. I have chosen to believe it’s Serena with brown hair.
    lfkalkdsfjlakjdsflkjadsf alkdsfjlakjdf I bash the keyboard in frustration- why do they have to make me wait so long for the next episode? Like a month away. WHY?

  12. I actually like Nate and Blair. LOL. They’re both just too pretty. And pretty is EVERYTHING.

  13. OMG! This must be love. :)
    I hope this isn’t just someone’s dream or something. It really would disappoint me. I always want them to end up together and there they are. Gosh, this is great! very very very very great

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