Making Faces

Written By bryanboy

Making Faces

I went to Sakana Sushi in Greenhills last night for dinner. I took quite a number of narcissistic self-shots while waiting for our food to arrive. The difference between using flash and not, in addition to lighting, is astonishing. Here’s my good ol’ fug mug trying to make different faces for the camera. I took these photos with flash. You’ll see some shine because of the highlighter that was used on me on a shoot… and you’ll also see my dreary dreadful eyes. I haven’t slept in 2 days before these photos were taken because of all the deadlines I have. Yikes!

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  1. this blog needs a major inspiration … its getting to be a bit of a bore already ….

  2. hmmm. i wonder if it’s just me or if you’re really not that good at taking pictures. o sinadya lang talaga yung blur?
    nevertheless, you’re looking fine these days. :) and i love that lanvin shirt. looks smashing on you.

  3. coco rocha for new york times much, bb? :P. i LOVE ur skin btw! so jealous :)

  4. Good skin tone, but Missy, you need an eyebrow makeover. Just make sure it’s not one of them Cholitas or whatevah you call em.

  5. hey bryan, i just found your blog from fashion toast. i just wanted to say that you are so stylish + hilarious. funnies pose is the errr ‘lollypop’ one haha. you look great by the way, lovely cheekbones and skin! xx

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