Luisa Via Roma Last Call Sale Up to 70% Off

Written By bryanboy

Last Call Sale Up to 70% Off

Che-che-check it out. For those of you out there with nickels and dimes to spare, check out Luisa Via Roma's last call sale. A lot of fall 2008/2009 items are marked down up to 70% off. Free FedEx shipping if you live in the USA/Canada/Europe.

Luisa Via Roma Fall 2009 Last Call Sale

As for me, well, I'm on this new diet called "recession"… but it doesn't mean I can't look (just look) at the menu.


  1. omg! i wish they had a sale for mens. especially those delicious high-tops! haha but it’d probably be impossible; my budget is 100euros =

  2. Aquilino Gabor

    Congratulations on having been mentioned in the New York Times Magazine!!! Ultra Sheek!!!
    Jay Gabor–New York City

  3. copystopstart

    OMG you totally forgot to mention the Marc Jacobs BB bag is 50% off! What a steal

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