Limited Edition Givenchy for Luisa Via Roma T-Shirt

Written By bryanboy

Givenchy for Luisa Via Roma

Many of you have been e-mailing me where I got the oversized black t-shirt that I wore. I'm so sorry for getting back to y'all just now but the folks who posted comments on my blog were right — it's from Givenchy. I got it before I left for NYC. Riccardo Tisci made this limited-edition t-shirt (US$380) that's exclusively available at Luisa Via Roma as part of their collaboration.

Remember the good ol' fashion "trickle down" effect? Well, this, my friends, is the perfect example of how a look from runway translates to retail. I would LOVE to own the runway look but unfortunately, it's not gonna happen until I win the lottery so….

Click HERE for purchase information and more details. As always, my beloved store offers free FedEx shipping if you live in the USA/Canada/Europe. While you're at it, you may want to check their last call sale… lots of reductions at 70% off.

Anyway, the coat is an old Prada men's coat that I have. Like most
menswear pieces, they're all too baggy and big for me so I rolled the
sleeves up so I don't look like I'm swimming in it. The black jacket
inside is from Zara.

That's all. For now.


  1. I followed your advice… 3.1 Philip Lim trousers… All silky and lovely. Cross fingers they are beautiful!
    Love love love the look. The pink just POPS against the coat. Fit!
    P.s. Please check out my blog… I hope you like my musings!

  2. Michelle R.

    your best look so far. you look well put together! the t-shirt matches those jeans and the coat is just perfect.

  3. Where did you get your pants Bryanboy? they’re ze BOMB! I want a pair! Miroslava and her BFF Natasha wears them…

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