1. When I first saw the t-shirts last month, I thought ‘blah, any third grader could them using fabric scraps. But after seeing it on you,I want one now!

  2. I hate matchy 555 but i love to see people mix and match and have a little bit mistake is awesome … (not to much cause it’s Might be bad taste)

  3. I agree i’m not a big fans of matchy too. I love when i see people mix and match but have a little bit mistake is charming(But not to much seriously cause it’s might be a bad taste person Lol)

  4. the background compliments the shirt so well!
    I cant get over the fact that, that pic is flawless..the colors are soo bold and it stands out of the off white furniture?! can you imagine what color enhancements Lachapelle would do??!..- Brilliant work

  5. TheFactoryGirl

    Darling, Lanvin should call you and get you to model that shirt…work it, babe!
    Have you realized, there is a new-found love affair with Bette Davis, Lanvin shirt, Vogue Italia shoot??

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