Lanvin Tattoo

Written By bryanboy

Lanvin Tattoo

Thanks to google alerts, I recently found out I sat beside Lisa Tant (Editor-in-Chief of Canadian fash mag Flare) at the Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 show. She wrote "I'm sitting next to Bryanboy, the blogger – and obsessive Jacobs fan from the Phillipines who's here as Marc's guest. He pulls a camera out of his Chanel purse and starts snapping away." on her blog entry.

Well, there are fashion fans (like myself) and then there are HARDCORE fashion fans. One of my readers, D'Mitri Agnes-Capone from Boston, recently got himself a Lanvin tattoo. Ouch!

photo credit: d'mitri agnes-capone


  1. wow!! i diddnt know you were Filipino!!!! i just saw you in my teenvogue a few weeks ago!! im half filipino!! pinoy power! ahah
    mahal na mahal ko sa blog mo by the way!! :)

  2. Ooh that’s tackytown. Perhaps “Alber” or one of his cartoony sketches would’ve better.

  3. Do with your body whatever you want, but I think this is just a step too far. Are you sure he didn’t get payed for this?

  4. empaulio

    HIDEOUS! Label hore, honey come on dont flaunt it you have it or you dont.
    Clearly he is that latter.

  5. Empaulio,
    My intentions are that the artwork will serve as a personal memorial for a design house whose legacy, whose aesthetic (and overall esteem, identity, etc.) I am enamored with. Nothing more, nothing less.
    This is not a matter of some waitress in New Jersey with an INSERT SENSATIONALIZED “LUXURY” BRAND HERE logo on her breast. I have been a steadfast collector and admirer of LANVIN since a very young age and feel that Alber and his predecessors are nothing if not entirely deserving of the regard that has been afforded to them in their reign as the oldest fashion enterprise still in operation.
    I thank you, kindly, for your sentiments -however disjointed and condescending – and wish you the best of luck.

  6. empaulio

    D’Mitri, I was not intending to be condescending my apologies if thats how it came across.
    Each to their own.

  7. That’s a sick tattoo! Although I can’t imagine the pain he went through. haha!
    PS: Why do they always misspell Philippines to “Phillipines? Even in Teen Vogue. Ugh. Spell-checker!! Hello!

  8. Posha

    Nice tattoo D’Mitri! Lanvin is cool….I am more of a Valentino fan. ;)

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