1. omg was your friend actually using a pissoir? tres demode, I thought gay guys never do that :)) except in porn movies, of course

  2. omg! me too! im wanting those hand dryer when i saw it in HK! instead of hot air, its cold! hahaha! :D

  3. Isn’t Dyson like a vacuum cleaner brand that look like some crazy weapon? I love hand dryers too, hahaha. Especially the hot air ones. Great for freezing cold shopping centers!

  4. Yah they came from Japan, cos the Japs are such freaks when it comes to personal hygiene – the normal type of hand dryers are where the highest number of bacteria can be found.
    These are much more hygienic, I’ve seen them start to pop-up in posh places in KL too.

  5. ooo we have a few of these in Sydney, and they actually work as the instructions tell they do. I want one too for my home

  6. malaychic

    it’s almost everywhere here in KL? how come u’ve never encounter even one of them?

  7. hahaha! just a few days ago, i saw one in the theatre (1st time ever!)..it’s really kinda neat!!

  8. I was just at the Spoke Club in Toronto and they had one of these, which I obviously remarked on! I agree that it’s uncomfortable because of the frigid air.

  9. huwattt? Are you seriously blogging this and em I seriously commenting on this??? wala ba toh sa pinas???

  10. i’m from kl and i haven’t seen those around?
    but i have used it in singapore and it was freaaaakin awesome. i love appliances.

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