Bryanboy at V Man Party

Written By bryanboy

V Man Party

I laughed so hard when I saw this photo a few hours ago at the gorgeous V Man website. Why? Well, the first thing that came to my mind was good ol’ fashion TOKENISM. Chanel Iman is dat chu? Jourdan Dunn is dat chu? Just kidding.


  1. Shut up you “look 200 times worse” (*rolls eyes*) oh please! YOU. ARE. A. MODEL. BB! Someone’s gotta represent the Filipinos ya know! ♥ You’re awesome.

  2. I like stalk ff on lj cause I don’t have account but your post are always the best. your so fucking fierce.
    & dw, you look like you fit right in. I wanna be as skinny as you boi.

  3. bluecandyboy

    If you didn’t slouch, you would look a little less shorter.. but hey, that’s the way you work it!

  4. uhhh someone else should represent because it’s a big job — i don’t want the responsibilities and i’m not worthy lol.

  5. BB, the only good-looking guys are; the long haired tanned dude, you and phil… so dont worry – model or not fashion is totally loosing their taste in models – so no biggy.
    (i know this is irrelavant) For example, why the hell is Gemma Wards face off from fashion? who the hell is on crack to take her away. Fat or not she has the most beautiful face agencies have this century – so what the fuck?

  6. Michelle R.

    Will you please stop dumbing yourself down?
    You’re such a hypocrite sometimes and it gets on my nerves EVERY TIME you say you’re an outsider, you don’t fit in, you don’t belong or you look this and that. you can only play the humility card once. pull yourself together and enjoy, no, savour every moment. You are where you are because you’re good at what you are doing so please STOP whining.

  7. oh my frick frockin god….
    Bryanboy AND Cole Mohr in the same motherfuckin video…
    Now I can die happy.

  8. I think you and your friend look way better. Those guys don’t really look all that chic.. And your friend’s white socks are hilarious. He’s super hot.

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