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New York Times

The new supermo trio eh? Linda, Naomi, Christy is dat chu? LOL. I'm honored to be alongside my favourite Japanese guy, Yu Masui, and the fierce and ferosha Jean-Paul Paula from Holland. Say what you want but these guys rock.

I've been getting quite a number of emails about the things I wore in my pictures (perhaps from new readers), because of the recent New York Times/T Magazine's The Moment piece which I thought was lovely — thanks guys!! I wish a few people would backtrack a few pages (whoops) because I blogged about it already. I think. Haha! Anyway, the jacket that I wore in that BB bag picture is actually a coat from Topshop that I got on sale. The beautiful, colourful t-shirt is from Lanvin at Luisa Via Roma.


  1. Chrissy Cheng

    please don’t get a nose job! omg, you’re beautiful as you are!!!!
    and i know a lot of ppl say bullshit like that when it comes to things like these,
    but seriously, you already look perfect.

  2. that’s right! if it ain’t broke don’t freakin’ fix it!!! DON’T MESS UP A GOOD THING, Brian.

  3. embrace your ethnicity silly, you’re beautiful! looks like you’ve been getting your money’s worth out of that lanvin ;)

  4. well BB you know what the old folks say: “LOVE YOUR OWN”
    and besides, asian fags are way more prettier than the others.. .. they just can’t help themselves but envy us haha..

  5. the top of the nose is fine, but you guys have to admit the bottom is bulbous and not attractive. you would look almost perfect with a nose job as long as you stayed skinny. if you get larger you might not gain muscle, so stay safe

  6. I wish I had your nose. No, really.
    I hate mine. I HATE IT. It’s not even a proper nose, it’s too small, it’s not even there. Invisible nose.
    btw, awesome bag

  7. Brian what size were you wearing in that Lanvin shirt?? I wanna get it and I want you as my reference (kinda)!! LOL

  8. Blonde Linda in Oz

    Your nose is perfect, stop fussing over it!!
    If you had plastic surgery you could end up with a nose like Michael Jackson – is that what you want BB?! LOL
    Also, the blue kelly is fabulous, I havent seen you blog about it, so was it a prop for the photo shoot? It is droolworthy…

  9. Lanvin tee-shirt and a birkin bag??? All I can say is HOTT… You look great. It’s my first time here and I definitely will come back more often.

  10. terribly jealous of your shirt. i was in love with the lanvin toute l’annee top but settled on the shoes instead. i love how the girl in the shirt looks completely neurotic.

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