Ancient Relics

Written By bryanboy

Ancient Relics

I have a few entries lined up today so let’s start with a bit of a video dump. I’ve been organizing my mp3 collection lately and came across some tunes from the dark ages. One tune let to another and for all you know, here I am dancing in my bedroom like a lunatic. I’m not gonna tell you when these songs came out… let’s just say it was such a golden period for me. If any of you recognize some of these tracks, please identify yourselves. I’d like to give you a warm welcome to the old hags club. Don’t deny it bitches or else I’ll cut your face. Hahaha. JK.

Click click click for some good ol’ classics. It’s blast from the past y’all, someone hand me glow sticks, quick!!

I swear to god this track gives me the chills every time I listen to it. Such a beautiful, beautiful classic.

The Thrillseekers – Synaesthesia


Fragma – Toca’s Miracle

Remember her????

Sonique – It Feels So Good

Vintage much?

Armand Van Helden – You Don’t Know Me

I love playing this track during indecent encounters haha

Shakedown – At Night

Let the cheese begin!

Wamdue Project – King of My Castle


Daft Punk – One More Time


Eiffel 65 – Blue

Last but not the least….

Alice Deejay – Better Off Alone

Hahahahaha! Better Off Alone was such a huge anthem back then I remember everyone at the clubs in London were singing to it every time it came on. Pure insanity!

Don’t y’all miss the good ol’ days?


  1. omg! i love teh daft punk..rather…i used to. hahaha! ka-level ng mga moby na weird!

  2. DAFT PUNK! I love them and I so know that song. Aaaaand the last one too. I’ve been hearing those songs since my childhood. Well I’m just 16. :)

  3. am I really that old if I have a compilation cd with those songs? My favorite back then was Blue and Better Of Alone… with matching glow sticks and raver’s pants. :)

  4. OMG, I fucking love you. I just had a crazy flash back to 1998!!!! I DIE! I want to be young and scandalous again. Used to dance till 7 am to that van Helden track :( Thanks for giving me a trip down memory lane. BTW: Marry me????

  5. OMFG!!! You’ve just taken me back to my high school days….. I started clubbing with that music….

  6. LOL at Better Off Alone.
    Glory days of Manila partying.
    Insomnia & Chemistry in Malate. ABG’s & Sambos in Makati.
    I missssssss *that* crowd and *that* energy of love.

  7. I only know the last four songs and One More Time is easily the best for me because of the intoxicating beats. It brings so much memories.

  8. wahhh! i know all the songs by heart! reminds me of highschool and beatuk. recenty, ive been listening to Tocas Miracle nonstop, the 2008 vesion sounds better i guess but i prefer the original video.
    how about Naked and Sacred by Maria Nyler? or Artful dodger and madison avenue? and oh not to forget Believe by good ol cher.

  9. AHHH! Eiffel 65!!!! My friend and i sang “I’m Blue” every day!!!! da ba dee da ba die!!!!

  10. OMG anybody remember this video with a little boy building a plane and then lauching it in the air and meeting 3 guys in the clouds ??

  11. this post is pure LOVE!!!! But you forgot Cher’s BELIEVE. Shux! I miss those days … sobra… haha!

  12. i love all these songs. can’t believe so many years has passed since the time that these songs were all the rage. makes me feel so old.

  13. When i’m sad, I break out the Pete Tong mix CD and dance to Armand Van Helden and Stardust! Oh how I would love to be 18 again!

  14. Oh Bryan… Alice Deejay and Fragma OMG… Even if these are cheesy dance musics, brought tears in my eyes cause when tehese were out and hip and cool I was a teen and used to think everything is possible, and world is full of magic and everything… Now it is totally gone. I MISS THESE DAYS SOOO! :'(

  15. OMG. Fragma, Daft Punk, AVH, Eiffel and Alice DJ are still in my iPod! Hey, the cool house somewhat classics is worth keeping for. Add Alex Gaudino, Fredde le Grande and Ida Corr to boot.

  16. I know most of the songs…
    i remember blue being the anthem for the longest time. good days!
    sonique too! vintage never goes out of style thank god :)

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