1. you guys are so cute<3
    i wish i could carry the both of you around with me everywhere! man~

  2. Do you know who makes the jacket he’s wearing in the second photo? It’s the one with the fur trim hood.

  3. Michelle R.

    stop saying they look alike. THEY DON’T. not all asians look the same.

  4. OMG OMG OMG !!!!!
    I so, like totally, love Alexander Wang, I guess he’s one of the best new designers out there, no wonder why Anna choose him last year.
    Love his rock star, effortless chic look. And his t shirt and wife beater line.
    And I totally had the feeling in the past you 2 were, like, long lost twin sisters !
    A. Wang and BB rock y’all.

  5. OKAAAYYYYY. That’s it! I officially envy you!!!! I love…LOVE….Alexander Wang!!

  6. gosh they don’t look alike. at all!
    not all asians look alike see above (michelle r.)

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