1. nuu! and bryan show us the marc jacobs stuff you received! Pretty please! With a rotten cherry on top!

  2. i bet she rolled around the sidewalks in shock and joy…..(flashback to her ‘chasing pavements’ video)

  3. Slut4Style

    it’s so hideous that it’s hurting my eyes. and it has nothing to do with adele’s size. anna was never a good stylist… or sittings editor, if you prefer. la wintour turned a 20-year-old girl into her clone. not at all age-appropriate. even if it is an awards show. although we should be glad there wasn’t a bolero in sight. a beth ditto makeover. not.

  4. Why would Anna even bother to do that?
    Is she trying to show the world she really has a heart? Or keeping spectators on their toes?
    Adele looks cute regardless… (in a boring, safe kind of way)

  5. Maybe it’s not age appropriate but Wintour has been a hero for Vogue, yes, maybe Adele looks a lot FATTER in that outfit, but shes already fat….

  6. Style4Slut

    no contradiction there, ari. there is no denying that anna is a great businesswoman. she can critique, but can she necessarily create? where is the style in this look? where is the fashion, if not style? where is the new? and why does it not even fit the poor girl? i see only anna… but in a size 16.

  7. whats relevant about her? Her songs are rubbish, the one popular one is annoying and her style is frumpy. Plus she looks like a heffer. That double chin is unattractive to say the least. Also, Wintour picked her outfit? she looks like shit, it’s like shes wearing Monsoon

  8. I’d love for her to land a cover on VOGUE for all the not-skinny chicks over the world! And she deserves it. A heck of a voice has she!

  9. First thing I thought when I saw this photo was ‘ wow, she looks front-row-editor chic!” no wonder it was due to the golden touch of Ms. Wintour. This is very unexpected from her.. I always thought she only liked skinny girls.. super for us!

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