$8 and a Metrocard

Written By bryanboy

$8 and a Metrocard

What a nightmare. Lemme retrace what I did before — I remember going to Beige at Bowery Bar, the Cock and Urge the other night for some good ol’ trashtastic gay night. I stopped by a convenience store after for a quick sandwich. I got up yesterday at 9:30AM, dumped all my crap inside my bag and went out for a quick stroll around town. Fast forward to 5PM, I was gonna take a cab to go to an ATM and Michael Angel presentation and when I
looked at my bag, my small red Vuitton epi wallet is gone. With
everything inside. IDs, plastic, cash. How or where I lost it I have no
idea. The only thing I had left were eight $1 bills scattered around my bag and a week-long metrocard which I’ve only used once.

Funny how JD Ferguson called me on the phone to ask  where I’m at and I told him I really don’t know… I’m inside the train and I could see a bridge on the window. He said “gurl you’re in Brooklyn.” Then my phone batteries went out. An hour and a half of painful walking and subway rides, I finally made it at Michael Angel.


Remember how I got attacked by those PETA activists in Paris three years ago and they ruined my chinchilla? Well, this is the worst. Wallet lost, phone died, left my camera batteries in my room and stuck in a god damn train in Brooklyn. I wore Missoni, Vuitton fur and Birkin bag with nothin but $8 and a metrocard. What would you do if you were in my shoes? I wanted to cry in the train but all these people were looking at me like I’m some kind of freak. It’s gonna take more than a miracle at this point. I’ve already started fielding some calls. Desperate times, desperate measures — time to go to
Craiglist and advertise my “$ervice$” (what $ervice$) perhaps? Yikes!


  1. oh god… do you have an archive on that peta thing? i wanna see it! and by god, ill go berserk when that thing happened to me! even just the birken or the vuitton wallet!! deym!

  2. Lisa From Cali

    I positively love your adventures Bryan, even the mishaps. Not to fret, am sure you will get by on your charms. Am truly happy for you because you have finally met one of your idols, Marc.

  3. I hope you made it okay. sorry to hear that u lost ur wallet, it’s the worst. I lost my wallet too once when I first came to new york.

  4. Maybe you left your wallet in your hotel room. I hope all is well, you find all your stuff, and you get everything together. Also don’t worry about the train thing. My mom ended up in Brooklyn too when she was really supposed to go to Harlem in the complete opposite direction.

  5. oh bb! wish i could help=(( losing your important stuff esp, cash. that 1 hella shit feeling you are going through.
    hopefully its in your hotel room! finger crossed.
    on a positive side. we are all dead jealous. MARC JACOBS! CARINE ROITFELD!
    keep us updated=D

  6. Hey I was at the cock when you were there. You were being sandwich by a blonde boy in a horrible military inspired black trench.My friend had her Proenza vest stolen that night. I too had my wallet stolen there once myself it was an hermes wallet to be exact. Many people have been robbed at the cock. Just be careful darling. I would call them see if it was turned in.

  7. Gosh, BB, I feel bad about what happened to you, losing your wallet and cards. I want to help you, but how can I help?

  8. I’m a Filipino in the West Village. Been here for 20 years.
    Sorry to hear about the incident. I hope you got things straightened out. I was thinking to going to Beige the other night but I had an early meeting the next day so I didn’t. I knew you were gonna be there. Hope you had fun.
    Well, it would be nice to see you in person before you leave for the Phil. Where are you hanging out in the next few days?
    Careful, there’s a flu virus floating around.

  9. you were MUGGED. please be careful bryanboy. if you’re going to be riding the subway or walking on the streets, always be aware.

  10. “I wanted to cry in the train but all these people were looking at me like I’m some kind of freak” – No, they won’t think you’re some kind of freak – because most of them really don’t give a rats ass and besides you’d totally blend in. Well at least you reached Brooklyn (Brooklyn rules!), you could have gotten off at Atlantic avenue & just took the train back to Manhattan.

  11. Brian how could I help you? I live here in Queens. When are you going to leave?

  12. Aaaaw, BB. Don’t worry, whenever something really bad happens, something REALLY REALLY good will happen! Don’t worry about it! Things will get better. Just report it to the NYPD ASAP. :]

  13. oh sweetie! I was in Maui two weeks ago and my phone, my wallet with all my ids, sunglasses –basically mym entire purse was stolen while i went hiking!!
    I still feel the pain!! at least you still have your passport!! have your cards cancelled already!

  14. hi bryanboy, i’ve been reading your blog for quite a while now, am excited you are in NYC. i’ve been calling it “home” for the past 6 years. so i’ve read you are here for fashion week, but which cocktail bars and restaurants have you gone to, so far? also, if you have time, check out tokio 7 in the east village (7th st between 1st and 2nd avenues) for good shopping.

  15. I cannot belive you are in NewYork!
    Missoni, Vuitton Fur and a Birkin- in Brooklyn!
    Your so Ovahhh, I Live!
    Hope u find your Louis btw
    Lets have coffee
    p.s. You’ll get used to the people

  16. Oh no! You poor thing! I’m so sorry Bry, I hope some kind soul returns it to you.

  17. Sounds like you’ll have to depend on the kindness of strangers. I’ll take you out to lunch!

  18. nevermind, i just read the article. yeah that sucks. just be glad you didnt end up in bushwick or some shit. good luck son, and try to enjoy ur stay :hs:

  19. I feel your pain. The picture totally showed the devastating experienced. Nevertheless, you held your composure. If that would have been me, It would have been a different scenario. Freak out to the max and would need STAT ONE ON ONE THERAPY. Hopefully this would not dampened the rest of your stay in Nueva York.

  20. genevieve

    I so need to meet you and get your oto!
    Anyway, no PETA activists here. So far none of the collections showcase dead carcass skins.
    Brooklyn aint bad. Go to Park Slope. STUNNING like you.

  21. awww poor thing. I’m so sorry to hear this. I hope some one will give you a call to give you your wallet back. God bless you and I hope everything will get better for you BB.
    Nini Nguyen

  22. brooklyn is not all that bad, dear, let me show you the wonders!!! queens, on the other hand is another story (which is where i assume you went if you were above ground??) come back and visit – we all wear missoni and vuitton, too if you know where to look! love you; hope you enjoyed ny!!!

  23. Beebz, at least you still have your phone (though it died). I’m sure that accounts for something. :))

  24. whattt i didnt know about your peta paris incident. but everyone in paris wears fur! did they import petards from abroad? terribly sorry to hear about the chinchilla, baby but do tell me the story on facebook. omg i hate them so much i still circulate my “truth about peta” essay.

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